25.4mm 1.4" High Profile Picatinny Rings

25.4mm 1.4" High Profile Picatinny Rings
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Diameter: 25.4mm 1in
Height: 35mm 1.4" from bottom to ring center
Ring Width: 16.5mm 0.6in
Weight (net): 100g / 3.5oz
Finish: Black matte
Material: 6061-T6
Mount: 1913 picatinny
Unique construction provides strength well with steel cross-bolt
Four torx screws per ring will hold your scope under any conceivable situations
Perfect alignment and superior accuracy (check photo for reference, one nut on the left, the other nut on the right, still both rings' center aligned each other)
Do not use over 18 inch / pounds of torque on the scope rings' screws
Fittings include: Torx T15 wrench
Suggest 25 inch / pounds (can accept max 45 inch / pounds) torque force for big nut when installing the mount on the picatinny rail