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Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C

Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
  • Omega 8 Reticle Economic SCRD-04C
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    109,00 €

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  • Blagovna znamka:

    Vector Optics

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Opis izdelka

Exclusive 8 Reticles!!! Red and Green Dot Sight, Extreme Tactical, QD Mount

US Design in High End Quality, Designed for Real Fire Caliber and Ammunition

The new vector optics diamond edition of optics is the highest quality line vector optics carries. All of the vector optics diamond line is designed in the United States of America by a US military defense contractor using all state of the art circuitry and materials this is not your average sight. Quality Control is 10x that of the other lines offered by vector optics or any other like company.

Originally the diamond line of optics were designed for commercial / law enforcement use when first designed. Now available to the general consumer the diamond edition line will fast become a popular line of optics where the average consumer is wanting more out of an optic they want mil-spec quality without the mil-spec price and with the diamond line you get it. The diamond line is all hand built and tested for a lifetime of heavy use. So when you need to depend upon a sight pick diamond where diamonds last forever.

Some ask what is reactive sighting and what makes it diffrent than a reflex system it is the sights ability to react to the shooters needs:

1. Ultra wide field of view

2. 8 reticle choices

3. Color change as quick as a button push

4. Uses mulituple power sources

5. Parallax perfect paralax correction

6. 120 hz cet Led Refracting Diode for a seemless reticle view

All of these can react to the shooters needs lessening the reaction time of the shooter by full seconds making this one of the most custom tailored for the shooters needs on the planet.

Designed by a profesional shooter and Military Contractor.
Magnification: N/A
Tubeless Sight Window Lens Size: 39x27mm
Exit Pupil: 39-27mm
Length: 110mm (4.1 inch)
Width: 53mm (2.1 inch)
Height: 63mm (2.5 inch)
Weight (net):260g (9.2 ounce)
Eye Relief: Free
Optics Coating: Multi Coated
Reticle: Exclusive 8 patterns
Brightness levels: Five red & green
Parallax :< 3’ at 50 yards
Elevation Range: 60 MOA
Windage Range: 60 MOA
Battery Type: LIR2032 3.6V (not include)
Shock proof, water resistant and fog proof
High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
Feature 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments with audible click
Integrated 21mm quick release weaver mount base for picatinny rail and weaver rail
Free Fitting involved: cleaning cloth and hex keys